Let’s get to the source!

Let’s get to the source!

Full waveform inversion (FWI) requires accurate knowledge of the source signature, at all relevant frequencies.

A key component for the success of FWI is an accurate source signature – for every shot. Correct signatures will yield correct reflection amplitudes to ensure the optimal use of primaries and multiples during Multi-parameter FWI Imaging.

A multi-parameter inversion is necessary when using reflections for velocity model building and imaging. Both kinematics (velocity) and dynamics (reflectivity) are required. A single-parameter FWI cannot resolve these two quantities accurately.

DUG’s source-signature inversion uses a least-squares matching on the direct arrival of the modelled and observed data (shot by shot) to determine a robust, true-amplitude source signature.

Check out these results below:


DUG Multi-parameter FWI Imaging is a complete replacement for the conventional processing and imaging workflow.

Superior results, faster.

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Data courtesy of Searcher Seismic

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