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Horizon Undo/Redo

We can learn a lot from history!

Asymmetric picking tools.

Picking an angular unconformity can be an exercise in frustration. Learn how to streamline this process with asymmetric picking tools.

Horizon display width.

No more squinting! Use DUG Insight's handy horizon display width option!

Clipping horizons and surfaces.

Learn how to clip horizons and surfaces to build the perfect model.

Updating settings for multiple wells.

Bring some order to the chaos by updating settings for multiple wells.

Correct interpretation to tie seismic events.

Find out how easy it is to fix interpretation data!

How DUG Insight Optimised Volumes work.

This one's all about speed!

Manual horizon picking.

Event snapping or straight-line? Take your pick!

Structural Curvature (Fundamentals).

Check out our curves.

Bubble Maps Part 1: Displaying Regional Well Markers.

Learn how to use Insight's Bubble Map feature!

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