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Working with synthetics and gathers.

Compare angle synthetics directly with gathers!

Polygon tools.

Shape up with polygons!

What’s new in DUG Insight 5.1?

Welcome to DUG Insight 5.1!

AVA Wedge Model Gathers.

Some more wedge model tricks!

Spectral analysis.

Your head hertz after that band-passed? Time for some spectral analysis!

3D View: Draping Culture and Contours.

See what's new on Insight's 3D viewer!

ASCII Loader Part 2 – Column Formatted.

Part 2 of our ASCII loader video series.

Creating a wedge model.

Don't let anything drive a wedge between you and Insight.

ASCII Loader Part 1 – VELF format.

Part 1 of our ASCII loader video series.

Shape up with Polygons!

Stay in shape with this tutorial on Insight's polygons!

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