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Using arblines.

Every interpreter’s tool kit comes with arblines. Find out what makes DUG Insight‘s approach different from the others. Whether investigating mistied data or tracking faults in complex structure, arblines have got your back. Watch our 4-min video to find out more!   If you’d like to know more about what DUG Insight can offer, please...

Highlighting structure and identifying faults.

I’ve got 99 problems, but identifying faults ain’t one!

Building a 3D Horizon from 2D data.

Take your 2D data into the next dimension!

V0k regression with tables.

DUG Insight 5.1 has tables coming your way!  Learn how to use our tables feature to investigate regional velocities by extracting velocity data and calculating V0K regression for the shallow velocity trend. Watch this 3-min video for the tips you need!  

Working with synthetics and gathers.

Compare angle synthetics directly with gathers!

Polygon tools.

Shape up with polygons!

What’s new in DUG Insight 5.1?

Welcome to DUG Insight 5.1!

AVA Wedge Model Gathers.

Some more wedge model tricks!

Spectral analysis.

Your head hertz after that band-passed? Time for some spectral analysis!

3D View: Draping Culture and Contours.

See what's new on Insight's 3D viewer!

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